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Mouth Silence “Single Ladies” outtake

rly good

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look at these fucking pants elwave

sekrits showing me like 50 different photos of john elway standing around chunkily wearing different bad outfits on golf fields

an aging john elway bares his teeth menacingly at a perceived threat to his “elway’s” visor

an aging john elway bares his teeth menacingly at a perceived threat to his “elway’s” visor

drew pic for sekrit……………

drew pic for sekrit……………


i want this on a t-shirt


i want this on a t-shirt

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stan marsh

me: *thinks about a ghost to give myself a BIG SPOOK!!*

ps i got some envelopes today, but im passing out rn cuz i only got 3 hours of sleep last night. ill open them tmrw when im prepared to reply/draw - 3- !!

theyre rly cute looking tho

Anonymous said: For the envelope exchanging thing, is it ok if its from other country? cause Id love to do it but I'm from Europe




what if instead of being like, “sorry, kyle, i like girls” token had been like, “well, you know… i’d actually never considered it, but sure. you’re a nice guy” and then tokyle became canon and stan found out and we got a second montage of him wandering sadly down an empty highway while “don’t know what you got (‘til it’s gone)” played in the background

remember that time trey parker made an episode defending the plucky lil’ multibillion dollar tobacco industries


i had a dream about that football player with the red pin-stripped shorts stan has a crush on and honestly i’m surprised. CNN made an article about it stating homosexual art work is being produced at a constant rhythm and the world is in a panic.




drown me in absurd aus pls

In 1870s Europe Kyle’s family moves from their Ukrainian shtetl to a market town in eastern Germany where Kyle’s father intends to practice law. Kyle enrolls at the local gymnasium and befriends Stan and another kid, village pauper Kenny. When Kenny’s body turns up around Easter hacked to pieces behind the bakery one morning, classmate Eric Cartman accuses Kyle of committing the crime. The evidence: It is near Passover and Kenny has been ritually sacrificed as a blood libel. Stan knows Kyle didn’t murder Kenny, but can he prove it? Kyle’s alibi is that he was actually having sex with Stan at the time; Stan obviously can’t admit this in court. If Kyle is put on trial is there any hope of his acquittal, or will the town’s collective antisemitism convict Kyle by default?

sekrit no…..

i was having sex with stan = kyles alibi for everything



drown me in absurd aus pls

1930’s, AU for South Park in which Stan is a trucker, Butters and Kenny are shunned by most of society for being homosexuals and Token is dead for being a rich black boy who understood prejudice too late

I REJECT dead token wtf please let it be tweek instead

me and sekrit already have an au where stan is a trucker, lmao. it’s set in the 50’s though. he picks kyle up from a roadside diner. i had a big pic i was doing that i never finished…..

(repost) vvv sketchy bar mitzvah times

draws stan kyle style comic

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