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devastating burn

draws creepy au

fic rec: this dA comic where kyle has a twin sister named kylie and shes in love with skinny ponytail cartman


stans such a bitch baby
i had to jump on the creepy au concept done up by nhaingen.
Its so great. Ffrick.

yoooooooo this is PRETTY!!! the child is upset 


stans such a bitch baby

i had to jump on the creepy au concept done up by nhaingen.

Its so great. Ffrick.

yoooooooo this is PRETTY!!! the child is upset 

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dokiaesthetic creepy au body horror// !!!!

*writes six paragraph response to ask* *saves as draft* *writes one sentence response to ask and posts it* time to draw some big dick’s

Anonymous said: So....I hope you don't ship buttman because Cartman treats Butters even worse than Kyle.....

i don’t have a kneejerk aversion to it but i can totally understand why it upsets people. 


*drinks cold water*

if there were two cartmans they would end up murdering each other theres no doubt about it

ideal situation

pechyenka said: do u think cartman would love or hate a clone of himself, i cant decide

its canon that cartman hates himself (go god go) so there u have it


gotta take a shower and wash off all the blog

buttman shippers are good people tho ive never met a buttman i didnt like…..

scottman too

the best cartman ship is for cartman to die alone and unloved because he’s earned it tbh :>

the idea that stan would reciprocate any warm or romantic feelings toward cartman feels so unnatural to me because all cartman does is hurt and insult the people stan loves most (kyle, wendy, baby cows)





Stanman is great! You have the protagonist of the show, if you will, with the star. What’s not to love?

I love this ship in terms of Cartman being infatuated with Stan marsh

°Pros : There is Stan Marsh and kyle/Wendy is possible

°Cons : 0

man i legitimately cannot understand this ship im sorry

i can see cartman being BLINDINGLY jealous of stan, for being attractive, for having wendy, for being likeable. i can see cartman maybe having a crush on stan, because who wouldn’t have a crush on stan?? 

but what possible reciprocation would stan have toward cartman. cartman doesn’t inspire any emotion in stan. at least he incites rage in kyle; stan is relatively blase re: cartman unless cartman is attacking kyle or wendy. and he has no reason to like cartman. like, none. right?? why is this a thing

They’re friends, though.

Like, do you honestly think Kenny or Kyle would be friends with Cartman on their own? No, they’re friends with him because Stan became his friend first. There’s something there, then, and in that one piece of evidence when they were both playing on the boat, Stan was totally enjoying himself. I think Stan truly enjoys Cartman’s company, but since he loves his other friends so much, he finds himself having to defend everyone from him instead of just hanging out and playing peacefully.

Not to mention I think Cartman respects Stan.

Also, I just plan love the idea of EVERYONE being horribly  in love with Stan and Stan not realizing it. Idk, the thought makes my heart sing.

i honestly don’t get the impression that cartman respects stan. i don’t know if cartman is capable of real respect. i think he sees people’s skills and positive qualities — kyle’s business savvy, butters’ artistry, stan’s level headedness — and attempts to acknowledge and utilize their qualities to best benefit himself. the beaverton incident was essentially this, cartman exploiting stan’s position as someone with access to a super cool motorboat. the rest of the episode was cartman trying to exert control over stan, making him miserable in the process.

i don’t doubt that cartman and stan are capable of having a good time together but in terms of a romantic spark between them i ???? dont understand

 i dont have anything against stanman like i don’t dislike it i just look at it and go ???????? 

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