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Anonymous said: what does "gn"??? i see you use it a lot I MUST KNOW please



anyway here’s something cute. gn!! :>

cool art


Enjoy my pup eating a leaf

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in other news here's this

hey, metalmorphus/damnedall. at 4am this morning you sent me a message, telling me to “chill out”, to stop all “this shitty and petty stuff this fandom is doing over ships”. “just stop talking about kyman,” you said, despite the fact that i hadn’t mentioned it for days — unless you count taking screencaps of your latest anti-style hateblog, which you used to bully many of my friends.

guess what? you’ve done nothing but cement my hatred for cartman/kyle, congratulations. i’m sure that doesn’t bother you, since it’s clear you were never interested in changing my personal opinions. it’s abundantly clear that all you’ve ever wanted to do is make the people who don’t share your tastes feel like shit.

you sent a bunch of asks to james this morning, too: “I hate fighting but I will defend my ship and fans from people like you who ignore that style fans are the problem.” at the end you said you’d leave. i’m sure you won’t. i’m sure you’re still hovering around our blogs, reading this post i’m writing, not actually absorbing it, just stewing in your perpetual malice, which you so vainly attempt to cover up with claims of amusement.

you’re the fucking problem, metalmorphus. you get off on starting fights. you get off on lying, on bullying, on manipulating, on harassing.

you made “really stupid shit south park shippers do”, reposting and insulting my art + other people’s art.

you made “destroykyman” in an attempt to make stan/kyle shippers look bad, then in an ironic twist you accused me “and my drones” of “trying to make kyman fans look bad” by running “fucknostyle”.

you made “south park fandom confessions” to further amplify your poisonous commentary in all the main fandom tags and fabricate “drama” between your three blogs. you simultaneously complained of “style fans” and their endless incitement of “ship wars”.

recently, you made a new blog at “metalmorphus”, whereat you did nothing but repeat your tag-polluting vitriol and sink deeper and deeper into personal attacks against stan/kyle shippers. and stan/kyle shippers EXCLUSIVELY, i should add, despite your constant claims of impartiality. and yeah, i saw the three mods at “wtfstylefans” reblog and support your posts. i saw numerous fans encourage you.

you’ve accused queer fans of “het hate” and trans fans of both “cisphobia” and self-fetishization. you’ve demonstrated serious transphobia and cissexism yourself in your nonstop complaints about people drawing boys in dresses — you even compared art of kyle in a dress to art that romanticizes and fetishizes nazism.

you fake concern for the plight of depressives and alcoholics by claiming that stan/kyle fans romanticize substance abuse, then reblog and mock our personal struggles with mental health and abuse. you’ve called me and my friends “bitches” and “cunts”, misgendered people, mocked people’s appearances, threatened to disseminate personal photos on reddit and 4chan, and lied nonstop. when i pointed our your support of wiihateu, a tumblr user who sent my friend a death threat, you said i “lied on someone just to get them hated on”. you’ve expressed your complete lack of remorse on numerous occasions.

your favorite word for me is “hypocrite”, but good luck finding me doing any of the shit you continue to pull.

i’d call you a talentless jerk, but you’ve clearly got the ability to draw cute art — instead you CHOOSE to pour hours into bullying fans rather than producing anything positive. and honestly? that’s the saddest thing about you.

anyway: i don’t think you’ll ever figure out the difference between attacking someone and disliking a ship. i’m not interested in getting through to you. i guess i just wanna make this post, to lay out all the ways you’ve tried to hurt me and my friends. to clarify what an absolute void of creativity and positivity you are.

in your words, metalmorphus, “grow up”. see you.

goodnight!! what the fuck, its 5 am. remember when i was able to pull all nighters. then i turned 80 years old

Anonymous said: do south park fans like you have constant battles with yourself? bc on one hand you call out how horrible most the subject matter is yet you continue to ship characters that act as vessels to carry out most of this horrible subject matter bc their interaction is cute or w.e. do you just pick and decide what qualities you enjoy about the show and try to drown out the other 99% by reblogging angry posts about how the creators are bigots or...I'm genuinely curious how this works. 1/2

I ask this bc you seem like a sensitive person and it’s a little surprising to see you appreciate south park, even if its just the characters. I mean most of the time these characters are in really fucked up scenarios regardless of how nice and kind they are to each other. i’m a south park fan and I’m not telling you you’re an ass for liking it, I’m just interested in how you’d explain your balance hating and loving this show to, say, someone who is deeply hurt by its content. 2/2

like a lot of people i’ve liked “south park” for many years and ive undergone radical personal changes over the course of my involvement in the fandom, but my attachment to the characters has persisted. i’m not in battle with myself, because i love that these characters can give me so much happiness.

i like a lot of shows with gross content, like “venture bros” and “it’s always sunny”. i guess “south park” is distinct from these shows because it’s such a long-standing cultural icon, with broader popularity? but ultimately i respond to it like any other problematic show: i enjoy it for its merits and have fun criticizing it for its myriad transgressions. i wouldn’t say i try to “drown out” its bad aspects — since i can’t really ignore them, if i’m also talking about them. but it’s true that as a shipper i’m much more invested in character moments than, say, trey’s joke of the week about how women are jealous.

i don’t think i said anything new or interesting here, sorry. it’s 5 am and i gotta go to sleep!!



is morrisville, pennsylvania so goddamn boring that my blog is literally the only thing you have for entertainment, despite how angry it makes you

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stan: help the small green bean spss south park/

Look how confident Stan looks compared to Kyle


Look how confident Stan looks compared to Kyle

spss south park/


Luv that telepathic link shared between my otp


i didnt hav the chance to draw yesterday but here are the tiny children on a very important bean’s (belated) birthday


i didnt hav the chance to draw yesterday but here are the tiny children on a very important bean’s (belated) birthday

nice. very nice cool art

some sick stan and kyle/everyone getting sick for kirby5321 and nhaingen respectively


some sick stan and kyle/everyone getting sick for kirby5321 and nhaingen respectively

NICE!!!!!! i hope u get better soon dude cool art


stan with dogs for cascadefox (from an animal shelter au i like + disapproving craig and stripe)

YES! YES! YES! STAN cool art
south park/

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